What happens when a group of scientists, sleep experts and supply chain professionals come together with some good old-fashion, common-sense entrepreneurs?

A frank and honest company is born to debunk the mattress industry – offering high quality products at a fair price to help you get better sleep.

The Untold Truth

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, the truth is there are only a handful of foams and, while they can be sliced and layered in many different ways, only a few configurations truly make sense. Innovation, if it’s meaningful, is usually quickly adopted by the industry, putting many products on feature parity. If the innovation isn’t meaningful, it usually becomes just another empty promise.

Many mattress companies spend more time exploiting nuanced features that have little to no impact on your actual sleep than developing the mattress itself. And, with little exception, mattresses are more about marketing than sleep. There is no shortage of adjectives and imagery to try to sell you on a life-changing slab of foam.

We’re Frankly, and we’re different.

The Frankly Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

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